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Since 2012 under the brand TARACHA , we perform many successful projects with our broad range of products including retractable automatic pergola roof, bioclimatic pergola roof, wintent window shade, retractable armed awning, zip screen shade, transparent canvas, automatic mega umbrellas/parasols and glass side enclosure systems, at various outdoor venues such as cafés, restaurants, hotels & resorts, private houses, rooftops, backyards, gardens, patios, swimming pools, garages, shopping centers, sanctuaries and mosques, commercial and residential buildings.

Professional teams of our company offers production using state-of-the-art technologies, as well as quality control and assembly processes, sales & marketing activities, customer relationships management (CRM) and after-sale technical support services.

Customer oriented, application-specific modern designs are being prepared by architectural project teams, considering all technical details.

Inspired by various cultural values, changing needs and main concepts of venues, we emphasize customer satisfaction without compromising our quality.

With our innovative perspective, our company operates in domestic and international markets with the concept of sustainable production and service.

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