Zip system is basically a mechanical curtain system used for shading. The materials are resistible to severe weather conditions such as strong wind and heavy rain. This system moves on two thin rails. It’s easy to use. In summer, blocks the sunlight in great measure and in winter it keeps the heat inside. It is possible to make it in desired size and color.


  • Manual
  • Remote control
  • Motorized with wall button


  • Wind sensor
  • Solar sensor

Somfy motors are used in Automatic Awning Systems and they can be controlled by remote control. You can track your commands from the Hi-Tech digital screen and set your opening and closing time with this remote control. With parallel connection feature you can integrate the system via wireless without central operating system relay. Anti-jam feature automatically stops the system when an obstacle is encountered. This is a security feature for the sake of the system. With high torque (120Nm) lift, system provides maximum streching feature in the fabric. Remote control system has a unique frequency feature (868 Mhz) that prevents any kind of mixing with other frequencies and it has a very simple channel selection and usage interface (r20/17psf).

Somfy motors provides full automation for wind sensors, sun sensors, radio receivers for dimmers (led light level dimming) and for other automation products. With this optional features your awning could have a full automation.

If the weather is too hot you can open your awning by remote control easily. Whether you wish to turn out or turn on the lights you can control the lightening with your remote control. With your intelligent remote control you will be ready for every kind of weather conditions. In windy, rainy or cloudy weathers, your awning will automatically know what to do. With this features, your system will not take any damages in severe weather conditions.

System / Section

(C) Wide
70cm → 500cm

(A) Expansion
0,50cm → 600cm

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